Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's from the Inn

Here I am on my 55th birthday on June 26th, 2011. I am the one with the dark hair sitting beside my sister Marlene and her husband Charles at my sister Carol's.
Happy New Year Everyone! Today is the day that we are all supposed to be making our new resolutions for 2012. I have my new journal and am filling it it with thoughts, plans and dreams. I do it every year and at the beginning of each new year I look back and see what I have accomplished. Some things get done, mostly the necessities but the dreams seem to always take second place and I never find the time. Is it an excuse? Is it my fear of failure? I know I am not alone because most dreams take a back bench to real life.... how sad isn't it?
We have real bills to pay, real obligations to deal with and we have to live a serious life.... right? The conclusion that I am now dealing with is, why can we not live both.. our dreams and our real life. Why do we always have to choose the serious heavy path filled with serious obligations that we have somehow created? How come we cannot seem to blend the both together for a happier, healthier, better quality of life? Are we too programmed by this modern busy life, to only follow the straight and narrow path that we all fail to do in one way or another. Oh yes we trudge off to work each day despite our hidden dreams because we have to somehow keep control of that overflowing serious life that we have built. We do not want to find ourselves living on the street because what would friends, family and neighbours think of us. That alone instills enough fear to keep us setting the alarm clock each morning for the rest of our lives. But does it really make sense?
Yes we can read a hundred books on the subject of how to change, how to overcome, how to wish ourselves to success, but in the end it all has to do with that little speck of energy that we call ourselves. No one can make us do anything until we decide to find the courage, plan the dream, fight the fear and move ahead.
Here is a wise little quote for the day from Neale Donald Walsh...
There is a little light which cannot be extinguished. It is inside of you. It is you!
And I have learned through the years, that that little light cannot be silenced.... no matter what, the "flame" remains despite our best attempt to live that serious life that society has determined for us.
This year I am going to try everything in my power to change my life and let my little flame glow and in doing so, I will hopefully pass it on to others. Imagine the possibilities if we all follow our light.
Have a great year everyone, may we all have a million reasons to smile in the year ahead.
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