Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Doll with a Dream

So nice that you found your way here. You must be wondering what this little doll is doing hanging on the clothesline?  Well yesterday I was doing a bit of cleaning and found her sitting on a shelf in my bedroom.  She always makes me smile with her silly little hat and  her two big feet. I picked her up to give her a hug and a little dusting off  but for some reason I held onto her. She was so cute and innocent looking and her little personality seemed to shine through her faceless expression. I remember when I made her, I intentionally left her face blank as I thought she had enough character without eyes, nose and mouth. So many dolls end up looking different than what you wanted them to be, once they have a face. I guess it is like humans... our face tells so much about who we are but oftens hides the real soul of the person.  

 After looking at her for awhile I  brushed her off with a damp cloth and put her out on the line to air dry. She blew in the soft  breeze and looked so happy. Then I remembered that when I made her about 7 years ago, she was  meant to fullfill a dream of mine. I had always imagined myself as a doll maker and story teller.  I thought that I would happily grow old and have my grey hair tied up in a bun, wear little glasses and bring these little girls to life in my little sewing room.  

 What happened to that dream? Well I did get older and I do have little glasses to read fine print and my hair is turning grey ( thank God for hair dye)  and I still dream of making these little dolls.. more so everyday. Maybe it is my destiny and that is what I am supposed to do. For now though I still have to earn a living and have a regular pay check coming in but who knows what the future holds.  Maybe some day I will find my way to my dream and make many more of these little souls to hang on other people's clothesline.

 What is your destiny and will you ever do something about making it come true?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Andrew the Barn Cat

This is Andrew the Cat. Yes another little Barn Cat found at the old barn behind the Inn. Now Andrew was not born at the barn, no he like all the other cats just happened to find his way there after a long walk from the home he once knew.

Andrew was born in a really nice little town far away fron here. He was a happy little cat, cute, playful and he came from a good family. Like so many other cats though, his family was split up after they started to grow. He was adopted by Sandy, a very kind little girl who had always wanted a cat of her own. So her parents went to their neighbours and picked Andrew from amongst his 6 brothers and sisters.

He was so afraid those first few days away from his mother. He cried and cried but they seemed to give him warm milk every time he did, which was not really that bad. They also gave hime a warm wooly blanket and some toys that looked like the mice his mother had told him about. Yes she had said he would grow up to be a hunter but he figured if they kept giving him milk, he would not bother with all of that mice stuff. And so he became quiet content in his new home and soon forgot about his lost family.

One day he went for a walk rather far from his home even though he knew he shouldn't but he was a cat and cats were curious. He found all kinds of things to explore in the neighbours back yard and then he went to another and then another. It was fun but soon he stared to get really afraid and he smelled something scary. He ran as fast as he could back to his house but when he got there, something was really wrong. There was no more house. It was just a big blaze of hot red flames. His family was gone and there was so much noise that he hid behind an old garage and watched in silence. In time everything got quiet again and so he waited for his family to come back. They never did and Andrew was forced to learn how to hunt for there was no one to give him warm mik and a safe place to sleep. He cried but no one bothered with him. He finally realised that he was alone in this big world and he would have to move again. He had lost another family.

After many weeks of travelling, he found himself in front of an old wooden barn. For some reason, it felt safe and he entered through an upper window. It smelled of hay and other cats. It smelled like what his mother had smelled like and soon he was fast asleep. Yes in time Andrew settled in with the many other barn cats and this is where he can be found waiting for someone to adopt him and give him a safe home once again.

Roses in October

Yes I know it has been awhile since I have invited you back to the Inn. Life here is busy and I am trying to get things in order. My Mom used to say that time waits for no one and over this past year I have come face to face with that reality. Things have to change ... or should I say that I have to change so that I make  time for the little things in life that we all  seem to take for granted and never take the time to enjoy until we feel an emptiness and suddenly look around and see what we are missing,  It is a choice that we all make on a daily basis.. always thinking that there will be a lot of time to stop and smell the roses. Well it is October and the roses are dying for yet another year and I feel that I never took the time to watch their gentle beauty growing in my garden. What a shame... next year for sure!

 There is an old quote that I always liked that said " God gave us memories so that we could have roses in December" Take the time to add as much as you can to those roses starting today. Yes I know we all have a zillion things to do today and maybe tomorrow we will have time .... yes tomorrow  maybe we will have time to catch up on those smiles that require our precious time.. tomorrow.....

Today I will tell you a story about one of the little Barn Cats  ..

Well well well.. another little kitten was found last night at the old barn. Erma the cat was out prowling around, doing what cats do best at night when she heard a car door shut. She watched closely from beneath the steps and seen a woman dressed in a dark coat, walk up towards the barn and leave behind a small basket covered in a wool blanket. She seemed to be in a hurry and walked back to her car nervously. Erma watched and waited and heard a faint meoowing sound. Shaking her head she went towards the basket knowing all too well what was inside. She had seen many others drop off cats throughout the years who never looked back.

 Ah yes this is just a silly little story to introduce you to yet another on of my wool cats and you will have to come back again to see who is next to join  us in the big old barn out behind the Inn.

 Untill then spread some kindness.. it will make a difference.