Saturday, January 7, 2012

Knitting Addiction

I do believe that I have a knitting addiction. I know that I could spend hours knitting away my time creating slippers, hats, scarves cats and so much more. I was just looking at the Knitpicks site again at all their beautiful hanks of wool. I added more balls to my shopping cart and then when I looked at the price of it all I carefully closed it down. I feel like I am a kid playing with a big bunch of wax crayons, akways trying to mix the colours and seeing what I come up with. Unfortunately it is a costly habit and I have to say that I think my wool stash is out of control. Yet I tell myself that I do not have any other addictive bad habits, no I do not smoke, drink nor gamble etc, so what is a few more balls of yellow wool. I will most definitely be knitting something with it....
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