A Life of My Own

Welcome to my little place in this big wide world. I live on the beautiful Gaspe Coast of Quebec, Canada. I live in a small house that I bought after a difficult divorce. Actually I tore down my father's barn and moved an old mobile trailer here and started over again from scratch. It was a lot of hard work and I tried to do as  much as possible myself because I was alone financially, without any money to waste. I tore down walls and built some of my own furniture. I poured bags of ground over the gravel that had been added to set the trailer on. I picked rocks one at a time to be able to grow the bags of grass seed that I hoped would turn into a lawn someday.  I dug up small trees from my mother's property and planted them to create a lived on landscape. I was determined to build a new life for myself and turn my property into an inviting place. Believe me it was not easy but I had my daughter with me and I wanted to do everything possible to make her happy. She was and will always be the best thing that ever happened in my life. It took time and tears but I lived through it and today I am still living here facing the next part of my journey.

I suppose one might call me a bit of a gentle rebel because I am really going against the normal route of a woman my age. At midlife, I am alone, not because I chose to be, but life has brought me here through a series of unbelievable upsets. It's okay because I am still standing and I thank God for my courage and strength everyday because without it, I would have given up a long time ago.

I plan on living the life of a creative woman. I am a writer and a story teller. I am also like a child with a need to create with colours, which is why I have a large stash of wool and material just waiting for me to use to make things for my Etsy shop. I am a want to be gardener and my dream is to have a large garden that will enable me to grow my own food. I want to build my own greenhouse so that I can have a longer growing season. Of course I will need a root cellar to store my veggies and all the preserved bottled goods. I also want to have my property filled with beautiful flowers, strawberries, raspberries and fruit trees. I find myself looking through gardening books and magazines throughout the year. To me this seems like the best life I could possibly imagine. To others it may seem like a lot of hard work. It is, but to think that I could spend the rest of my life, writing, creating and gardening is better by far than lying on some beach in  a far off tourist destination.

Two years ago on my way to do some Christmas shopping, I remember asking my mother who had died four years earlier, to help me find a way to write all the stories that filled my imagination. I was working full time then running a community museum. I loved the work but could no longer deal with the politics of greed and lies. I knew I had to leave, yet I knew it would put me in a place of serious financial hardships. As I listened to the Christmas music playing, tears rolled down my cheeks and I asked Mom not to let me die with the thousand stories still in me.  I supposed you could say that I am chasing a dream.......

 I hope that you will be a part of my journey and that I can inspire you to work towards your own dreams... it is never too late doing something you love or even to start over. Life is fragile! Make yours the best life possible, for time waits for no one! 
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