Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quit your Day Job

Looking out my kitchen window on this winter morning and wondering about my future....
Okay here it is Wednesday morning and my mind is working overtime. I am doing a lot of thinking and working through different possibilities to focus on in my business plan. Basically we all have to make a living and to do that we have to work so that we can afford to pay our bills. So why would anyone want to take a risk and quit a job when the economy seems to be in such trouble. Is it just being crazy to even consider walking away from the one thing ( my day job) that keeps it all going?
Have I finally gone bonkers, off the deep end, around the bend etc. Maybe and maybe not? This is not a new idea that I just came up with out of boredom. I have thought seriously about it for years, in fact I always wanted to work for myself. I used to see myself working in my little craft room and having Mom come over and visit. I missed out on that for she passed away in 2006. Yes it seems it has been since forever that I wanted to work at something that would allow me to use my creative side.Yet fear of poverty has kept me working just where I am . My day job is certainly not boring. Actually it keeps me wide awake at night and I do like many aspects of it but the stress of it, is not doing me any good. So at 55 years old, I want to find an easier way to live the rest of my life. I also know that I was born to be a writer and my day job will not allow me the head space to write without interruptions of the stressful kind.
So I am at a crossroads in life. I want to write and yes knit and paint and sew and be that silly little girl who buys too many books, wool, and fabric. I am lucky for I think I am in good health, except the worry about what to do with the rest of my life, is exhausting me and has for years. I have been fortunate to remain very young at heart and I do forget that I am supposed to be a serious grownup at this point in life. I have accumulated my share of hard times, believe me, yet like my mother, I have been able to get through it and see the good side of life.
Okay well back to work and let's see what this year will bring? Will I actually be able to "Quit my day job". Join me on this venture for I am sure many of you are searching for the same thing!
Just a note in passing, spread some kindness today, especially to those suffering from the cold temperatures and that includes our four legged friends.
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