Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Second Blog from the Inn

Hello again everyone. Well it is a really busy time for me today. I am getting ready for a board meeting here at work and have all the financial stuff to get ready to give my directors. Also at home I am getting ready for Halloween tomorrow night. Last night I set up some very strange characters in my living room to greet the trick or treaters when they come. I will serve them witches brew and pumpkin shaped cookies with their treat bag. Tonight after my meeting I will go home and make my costume. Not sure what I will be yet but I have some really nice red and yellow satiny material so I imagine I will be some sort of gypsy!!!!

I have also found a bit of time to follow the Etsy forums.... there is so much to learn. Also I have linked up to a group of bloggers which I hope will help me become more visible. Then at lunch time I found a fellow blogger on Etsy who is my first follower.. yes!!! I intend to sign up to other blogs and make some connections because I am slowly learning that to get to my goal of earning a living online, I am going to have connect to that big outside world and hope that they take an interest in me. But I am very positive that I will get to where I am going... remember October 24, 2009 full time occupation selling online!!!

In the meantime, please take a few minutes and visit my little shop on Etsy Hope that you enjoy my snowdrops!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Blog from the Inn

Hello from Maggie's Raggedy Inn

Well I am new to this blogging business but I guess I will give it a try. I have recently opened a little shop on Etsy, which for any of you who do not know about it, is a really interesting place for crafters and those who like things made by hand. Its seems that a lot of people like making crafts which is great cause I am not alone!!!!

Since I have been a child I have always wanted to make things, like purses, dolls, paintings etc etc and of course then I grew up and unfortunately still wanted to make things like purses, dolls and paintings. But the adult world set in and I got married and had a child and worked to pay bills and dealt with family issues and did volunteer work etc etc etc... but I still wanted to make things but had no time. But here I am at 52 and you know what, I still want to make things and this time I am going to do it and through this blog you will get to follow me along on my journey to making crafts for once and for all.. doing what I always wanted to do......

Well not right now, cause I am at work and have to get some reports out.. but just wait until I get home.. well not right away cause I will get supper and then I have to make Halloween decorations cause it is almost here and I have a big black cat to make as well as other ghosts and goblins. I will post pictures for you all to see in a few days...