Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Wish

This is Louise a woman of substance, a role model for all of us women, a woman I have promised to give a voice too, for she like so most of us, lived a life of doing what was expected , yet what a life she lived in her golden cage. She is one of my projects for the year ahead, to write her story........ I need your help!

On this last day of the year I, like millions of others I am sure, is caught between thoughts of the passed year and the new year that awaits all of us. We give thanks for overcoming the challenges of 2011 and for all the good things that came our way. We also dream and make our wishes for the year ahead, filled with hope and possibilities.
I am certainly on a mission to make 2012 a year filled with a new direction. Yes I will dream big and it will take every bit of courage and strength that I have, to get to where I want to be next year at this time. In the year ahead I intend to live according to my terms. To do that, I will have to work hard, really focus, stay healthy, positive and find a way to support myself financially while doing it. I will have to design the life that I was intended to live and overcome the fears that have held me back. The troubling thoughts that have always made things more difficult for me was that I was a very different creative little soul and that somehow it was not the right way to be and was not well looked upon. Somehow thoughout my life, I was made to feel that it was not the right way to live a serious life and so I kept it well hidden until I hit middle age and even now I push it back most of the time. I always knew though, that there would come a day, despite my determined attempts to live what was seen as a "normal" life, where I would have to take a step forward and do what I wanted and hope for the best.
Therefore I will use the serious side of my character and develop a realistic plan for my BIG DREAM and then work towards it. I must not let anything get in my way. Yes I know that life rarely goes according to the best laid out plans but I have to be willing to overcome whatever life puts before me. I have to keep working towards my possibly ridiculous and unrealistic goals and dreams through this experiment I have set myself up for in the New Year.
To accomplish this I need the help of a community for no one can do something like this alone.
Have a great New Year's Eve....take time to count your blessings and plan your year ahead. Don't be afraid to go for your dreams as well for tomorrow is the start of a new beginning for all of us!
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