Monday, January 2, 2012

The Power of Focus in 2012

This is where I will build my shop, right next to the wishing well in my back yard! The house in the background is the house I grew up in and now belongs to my sister Carol. How lucky I am to be living on Daddy's property. My parents are both gone now but I still feel a strong connection to them living here.

Okay so the New Year has begun and now it is time to get to work. No more excuses, no more time to waste. It is time for action. But where to begin with so many ideas and plans and wishes and dreams? How do I zero in on what I want to do and what is the best direction for this experiment. As I sit here at my desk in my messy little office, I realise that I have to "FOCUS". Nothing is going to work unless I get rid of the clutter, evaluate the situation realistically and move forward with a plan. This is not easy to do and I am going to have to move out of my comfort zone and face my fears. Focus is a very difficult thing to do, believe me.
So here is the plan for now...
1. Get rid of some clutter.. out with the old, make place for the new.
2. Write down my objectives and what I want to accomplish in 2012.
3. Finish anything that is really important that I did not finish in 2011 so that it no longer weighs me down.
4. Make a list of what I really need to obtain my objectives.
5. Write a new mantra in my journal and repeat it over and over again.
6. Organise the creative space that I have now to ease my way of working.
7. Get outside for some fresh air and exercise to think things over everyday.
My Mantra for 2012
This is a new beginning and I will find a way to write my book. I will find a way to build a small addition on my house so that I will have an organised place to work and be creative. I will learn to live a simplier existance and will overcome my fear and follow my heart's desire. I will find a way to earn a living through this experience!
Okay that's it for today, I have work to do!!!
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