Friday, November 26, 2010

A Brother finds his way to Heaven's Hockey Team

Yesterday was a busy day for me trying to get as much done as possible. I seem to be always chasing time, trying to do this and that and a bit more of everything. Like everyone I have a story, like everyone my life seems full of things I wish I could have time for, people I want to spend more  time with, always , always more time.

Last night I came home from work and  had that telephone call that changes things in life. My brother had choked twice and now the family was called to the nursing home as he was in danger. For 11 years he has been battling a disease that left him fragile. His memory slowing disappearing until he ended up bedridden at 63 years old in a home for old people who are at the end of their road.  He could no longer even move in bed, could only drink from a straw and was forced to eat a few spoonfuls of mush and ice cream to survive on a daily basis.

 When I got to the hospital I already knew that he was on his way to heaven. This was the final scene and together as a family we would be there to help him make the transition to a softer, kinded place where Mommy and Daddy and my other two brothers Hurd ( died at 48) and Royden ( died at 44) would be there to meet him.

He  softly took his last breath with his three sisters, his wife and two sons at his bedside. In a moment of silence, he left us and his shell of a body that was so thin that it was only a reminder of the man that he had been.

 Today we mourn Blair, we cry and feel the emptiness, yet we are grateful that his earthly sufferings are over. We will go through the process of a funeral and will  then return to our lives to slowly absorb the loss and reflect on who we are in this world of wonder that is always changing.

Life is fragile, handle with care and be gentle  and forgiving of yourself. Do not let your hurts determine who you are, and do not allow others through their shortcomings destroy that amazing spirit of youth that you were born with.  Chase your dreams and let no one close the doors to them, no matter what hurdles you have to jump through to get to them.

 Blair I hope that there is a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team in heaven and  that you are given a brand new pair of skates when you join that team.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Cat Found at the Old Barn

Well well well.. another cat was found yesterday at the old barn. This young cat was once a well cared for cat living in a loving home.

.......Elizabeth's Story.....

One day her owners decided to go for a drive and without them knowing, Elizabeth had jumped in the back seat and hid. She never thought that the doors would close and that she would be trapped inside. She was so afraid that she curled herself in a little ball under the back seat and shivered from fear of being in the strange environment of a moving car. When the car stopped at a shopping center, the door opened and she jumped out without her owners knowing that she was there. She ran across the parking lot and into the park and up a tree before she stopped. She sat there for a long time wondering what to do for she knew she was lost. Later that night she walked back very quietly to the parking lot thinking that her owners would be there waiting for her. She looked all over and found nothing familiar. She began to meow but a large dog who was taking a walk with its owner began to bark and chased her back into the park.

The days passed and she watched and waited but her owners never came back. In time she realised that she would have to find her way back to her house on her own. Life was very difficult for this little cat who had been so spoiled with love and kindness. She missed her food bowl and her warm wool bed. One day as she was walking on an old branch to get across a brook, the branch snapped and down she went into the icy cold water. She hit her back leg against a sharp rock and could hardly move yet she knew that she would surely freeze if she stayed in the water. She struggled to get up on the bank and lay there too weak to even meow.

Erma the old barn cat  had been sitting in the upper window of the old barn out behind Maggies Raggedy Inn when she heard the branch snap. She went to investigate and found Elizabeth in pain. Erma was a strong cat and had carried many babies in her time. Elizabeth was almost grown and was really too big to be carried by another cat but  she knew that it was the only way to save her. She had to take her back into the warmth of the hayloft where she could be looked after. Her back leg was probably broken but she knew that with time it would heal and she would be able to walk again. She picked her up by the neck and carried her back.

The weeks passed and Elizabeth grew stronger. Just like Erma has predicted , her back leg did heal and she was now able to walk with a limp and look after herself. Elizabeth still  thinks about her owners everyday and looks out into the wide open spaces wondering where they have went. She still thinks of trying to get home but by now she has lost their scent and no longer knows where to go because it has been too long since they seperated. The old barn is her home for now but she has never lost hope that maybe one day they will find her.

Ah yes ... every cat has a story!