Friday, October 15, 2010

Andrew the Barn Cat

This is Andrew the Cat. Yes another little Barn Cat found at the old barn behind the Inn. Now Andrew was not born at the barn, no he like all the other cats just happened to find his way there after a long walk from the home he once knew.

Andrew was born in a really nice little town far away fron here. He was a happy little cat, cute, playful and he came from a good family. Like so many other cats though, his family was split up after they started to grow. He was adopted by Sandy, a very kind little girl who had always wanted a cat of her own. So her parents went to their neighbours and picked Andrew from amongst his 6 brothers and sisters.

He was so afraid those first few days away from his mother. He cried and cried but they seemed to give him warm milk every time he did, which was not really that bad. They also gave hime a warm wooly blanket and some toys that looked like the mice his mother had told him about. Yes she had said he would grow up to be a hunter but he figured if they kept giving him milk, he would not bother with all of that mice stuff. And so he became quiet content in his new home and soon forgot about his lost family.

One day he went for a walk rather far from his home even though he knew he shouldn't but he was a cat and cats were curious. He found all kinds of things to explore in the neighbours back yard and then he went to another and then another. It was fun but soon he stared to get really afraid and he smelled something scary. He ran as fast as he could back to his house but when he got there, something was really wrong. There was no more house. It was just a big blaze of hot red flames. His family was gone and there was so much noise that he hid behind an old garage and watched in silence. In time everything got quiet again and so he waited for his family to come back. They never did and Andrew was forced to learn how to hunt for there was no one to give him warm mik and a safe place to sleep. He cried but no one bothered with him. He finally realised that he was alone in this big world and he would have to move again. He had lost another family.

After many weeks of travelling, he found himself in front of an old wooden barn. For some reason, it felt safe and he entered through an upper window. It smelled of hay and other cats. It smelled like what his mother had smelled like and soon he was fast asleep. Yes in time Andrew settled in with the many other barn cats and this is where he can be found waiting for someone to adopt him and give him a safe home once again.

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