Well if I am declaring myself to a writer, I must be writing.  Here is my first published book on Amazon. You can also find it on Kobo under the same title. 

You can also read it online by downloading the Kindle App  for your computer and read it online

or your iPad



 I am working on another which should be available soon....




Product Description

This fable is a unique story about forbidden love that takes place on one of the world's best known salmon fishing rivers. You will feel the passion that love brings into the life of the young salmon as she innocently allows herself to be captured by a fisherman, despite the warnings of her elders who oversee the river's habitat.

"The years passed and he patiently continued to throw his line across the glistening waters of this beautiful river. One day when daylight was finding its way towards a magnificent sunset, one fish caught his eye. He watched as her silver-speckled body swam gracefully beneath the sparkling waters. He had been testing a new fly hook called the Maiden’s Run when he first observed Maya. This mystic fish swam in front of the fisherman but did not go towards his lure. The bewitching creature remained nearby and she seemed to be watching him. Her lithe movements made him take a second look. The fisherman was mesmerized and felt the unfamiliar stirrings that he always hoped to find. She was the one he anticipated catching. The more he watched her, the more he knew that his desire to capture her went beyond that of fishing."
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