Monday, January 9, 2012

A Radio Interview

Never let yesterday's disapointments overshadow tomorrow's dreams........
You never know what awaits you when a day begins. Today I woke up planning to do a lot at work. I had an early meeting about a new direction for the Museum and so my head was focused on convincing the government and myself that we should go ahead with the big project that I conjured up last fall. The discussion went well and ended on a positive note with me having to do a lot more paperwork of course. One distractuon lead to another and my day slipped away as they usually do without getting many things crossed off my to do list.
Then late this afternoon I had a call from the CBC for an interview about my neighbour husband who was murdered on December 26th in Grenada. I have been following this story since it first happened and have loss sleep over it wondering about my neighbour and how she is doing. Today was her husbands funeral and an international media is covering the story. How they found me for an interview is strange and to listen to myself on the interview is even stranger for I have been the one searching s for links online ever since it happened. All this to say we can never know what a day will bring. Also we should count ourselves lucky to have ordinary problems and not be in a situation like this woman.
I have added the link below if you want to listen to it. It all seems too crazy to be true.
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