Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working the Imagination

This is how we should all spend our days, laying on a soft bed, taking in the sun. Ditz doesn't have a care in the world it seems... life is good!
Another day about to end and I think I will go to bed with a good book and read myself to sleep. I spent the day working on a strategic plan for work and I think I really made some positive decisions on how to solve some of the problems at work.
Yet deep inside, I know that it will be a real uphill battle to implement the changes, for humans hate changes for the most part. Last year when I tried to make a few changes I took a lot of flack for it and this year will be even worst for the changes are even bigger. I am already feeling the pressure.
The question here is what changes am I going to make for myself ? It all comes down to my financial security because if I won the lottery, I definitely know what I would do. I just heard that a friend who had battled cancer last year and thought she beat it, got bad news, the cancer is back. We all thought she had beaten it and that she was safe, but now that it is back so soon, it does not look good. She may not have a chance to make changes. I do but will I?
Words of wisdom for today:
My Mom used to say " Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today"
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