Saturday, July 20, 2013

An Old Gaspe Rocking Chair

 No one sits in the old rocking chair anymore.   It is  weather beaten and  rickety. Time has taken the color from its wooden surface and  has left it with dull grey shadows instead of a coat of green paint.  The only rocking that it now does is when the wind picks up and  sweeps away another layer of dust.  There is no one left to rock the babies and soothe the scraped knees of  the little girl that  tried to climb the tree.  No children are  racing to see who gets to sit in the chair once  Aunt Janie goes back into the house.  Mom is no longer sitting there  sniping the ends off the big basket of string beans freshly picked from  the garden.  There is no smoke from Father's pipe at the end of a long hard day of  working in the woods.

No one is sitting in the old chair anymore. The kids grew up and Mom and Dad  passed on.  The old chair sits waiting for someone to come back and sit again. It wants to listen to the stories that were told while rocking back and forth in the cool  breeze on a hot summer's night. It misses the clicking on the knitting needles and the reading of a story to a small child with a toothache. It misses being able to comfort a woman as she sits in it crying because she is afraid of what the winter will bring if they can't afford to  buy the children boots again this year.  Oh the stories it could tell about  the people it had rocked.

The wind blows and it rocks... but no one hears it.  It waits for the day when someone will sit again and enjoy  the steady rhythm  of its rockers moving back and forth and back and forth.

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