Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Born in Miguasha She wanted to be a Doctor

 Ellen Hill  was born in Miguasha and wanted to grow up to be a doctor. When she broke her leg as a child  falling from a ladder, Doctor Allen had looked after her. It took months to heal and many visits from the kind gentleman. She asked him questions about what he did and how he cured people.  He was always patient with her and told her that maybe she would grow up to be a nurse.  She agreed but in her mind she knew that she would become a doctor and healer.
 As a teenager she would go with him on his visits to the sick. She borrowed his books and  read everything she could find about medicine.   When school was over for the summer, she helped out around his office meeting patients and taking appointments. He finally hired her  because he said he needed her  to keep the office going.   Over time she  was  helping him deliver babies,  tending wounds and telling patients how to take care of their  ailments.
When she turned eighteen, her parents wanted her to go to nursing school but she refused. She  had spent most of her young life studying  medicine and she did not want to waste her time going to school to learn what she already knew. 
She told Dr. Allen her plans to be a doctor and he agreed that she would make a good one. She had a gentle understanding nature and a natural ability to heal.  Unfortunately  there were few women doctors  and it would not be easy to get accepted into a college of medicine.  Her parents were against it because they said they could not afford to send her to four years of medical school. Nursing only required one year's training. 
 Ellen had saved enough money working part time  with Dr. Allen to pay her first's year's tuition.  Without telling her parents she  filled out the necessary paperwork and applied  to the five colleges.  One day when she went to work, Dr. Allen called her into his office and handed her  an acceptance letter from the same college he had attended to get his degree.  Special arrangements had been made and she would be attending college in the fall for one year.   With her years of working in the field of medicine with a doctor from their institution, they had agreed that  she would attend school for one year and then work as an apprentice for the three remaining years under the supervision of Dr. Allen.  During that time, she would be required to  study and write all the pertinent exams required to complete the  college course. She would have to  attend an intense month of training  at the school each year and be able to pass the practical  theories of hands on medicine.  It would require  a lot of hard work but she was determined  to be  what she knew would make her happy.
 Fours years later, Dr. Allen was sharing an office with Dr. Hill. 
“One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar." Helen Keller
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