Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hot Afternoon to be Ironing

Summer is an amazing time of the year. School is out and we are all trying to spend as much time as possible outside.  With B.B.Q's and walks along the beach, it seems like it is a carefree time of the year. People are on holidays and the canteens are busy because people don't want to be cooking on  hot summers days. Ice cream cones and  watermelon slices are cool treats on a hot afternoon, while sitting around on the patio with friends. Summer time and the living is easy.
Yet I remember my mother standing in the kitchen ironing on many hot days. With eight children, it meant a lot of cotton blouses and pants to be ironed. Poor Mom, never complained and the clothes basket always seemed full.  After a long afternoon of taking care of our clothes, it was then time to make supper.  There were definitely no canteens or any fast food around back then. It was  meat and potatoes, homemade bread and gingersnaps for dessert.  It was  all in a days work but there must have been times when she wanted to sit back and enjoy some  time off..... 

Here is a little Gaspesian music to enjoy on this beautiful day in July!!!
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