Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Fiddling Music from the Gaspe

Don Johnston/All Canada Photos/Getty Images © (Bing Australia)

What a place to call home! I have lived here all my life and am still in awe of this beautiful place.  Today I have found you a great piece of stepping music.  We as Gaspesians have always loved to have fun and many great Saturday nights were spent on the dance floor to this type of music. I remember my mother and father would go to dances at the town hall when I was a child. They would get dressed up and my mother always said Daddy was a great dancer.  It was so nice to see them having fun together. They worked so hard bringing up eight children  that there must of never been much time left over for them as a couple.  Before leaving the house, they made sure we were okay and then  they focused on each other. They both loved to have fun, so I could always imagine them on the floor. Daddy who was tall dark and handsome and Mom who until the day she died, love to  dance and laugh.  Thank God for memories.....

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