Thursday, July 4, 2013

Do you Believe in the Magic of Gratitude


Do You Believe In Magic?   We have heard so much lately about the law of attraction that it seems that  it has been exploited as a marketing scam by  everybody looking to make a quick dollar when you are  being hit by some of life's hard times. The promise that you can change you mind about something and viola everything is going to fall into place doesn't seem to offer much hope when you have hit a brick wall.   Yet  I do believe that  there is something greater than ourselves   out there that can help us  live a better life. I believe in the power of prayers and gratitude and that this little book can help us  think about things differently.

I found this review about  Rhonda Byrne's latest book and  I think you might find it helpful.  I  have copied it here because I couldn't  describe it better than her.

Yet sometimes a book comes along, that just hits the spot, connects you to your joy and your power, you simply can’t put it down…..’The Magic’, is one of those books. As children, we saw everything as magical! Fairies, witches, wizards and super hero’s were part of our games. We dressed up, imagined, played, laughed, dreamt and then we grew up! The magic was replaced with study, and then work and the pressures of living in modern society. Negativity replaced the joy, as we are exhausted from all we have to do and be. Life as a grown up can be tough! What would you give now to live a magical life once again? A life that was better than anything you could have dreamt, a life where you had everything you could wish for, a life full of joy and laughter, a life of relaxation and amazement. What if this life costs you nothing more than a change of focus and some effort to drown out the negative voices that live in your head? Would you be prepared to try?

Over 2000 years ago, the Holy Scriptures were written with a cryptic verse that has been pondered and misunderstood for centuries:- “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him” – Gospel of Mark. The answer to this mystery that has eluded so many for centuries is hidden in one word – GRATITUDE. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools, everyone has in their tool chest, and one that is so often left to rust, instead of being shined and practiced daily. Grumbling, complaining and blaming is so much easier. Others have more, do more and are more, and our focus on that is a powerful repellent to allowing us to have the same. Feeling truly grateful is hard work when we are used to being tired and stressed. The power of being grateful for everything that we do have, helps to flood the body with oxytocin the feel-good hormone. In turn our stress levels are reduced, we build trust that all is well and will get better, our immune system is boosted, and our blood pressure is reduced. This positive energy is what is sent out into the universe and as always, that same vibration returns to us more of the same, feel good stuff, yay! Would you like to be taken on a 28 day journey that transforms mayhem into magic? ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne is just that, a wonderfully simple plan, that gives you a new focus for your gratitude for 28 days. Full of powerful and magic practices that will change your life and give you back the power in joy. ‘Thank you’ works wonders, ‘thank you’ makes you feel good, ‘thank you’ dissolves fear, ‘thank you’ is your key, it opens the doors to so much more! Investing just a few minutes each day to read and practice the exercises included in ‘The Magic’ will get you into that feel good place that creates your magical life. Everyday a new way to focus gratitude is presented, including ways to turn negative events into valuable lessons to be thankful for. Health, relationships, career, money, helpful people, and amazing outcomes all get covered plus so much more. Can you really afford not to take up the challenge to change your life for the better in 28 days?
Nikki Morgan is a Natural Therapist, EFT Energy Coach,
  You can find the book here... just click the  highlighted link below
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