Monday, July 1, 2013

What advice would she give you ?

Imagine yourself  walking into this woman's kitchen and asking her  for some advice about what is troubling you. What do you think that she would tell you?
 She probably lived through a few hard times herself after losing her husband as a young man of 42 years old. He  had a car accident while trying to drive home after a hard days's work in a snow storm.  She was left with  young five children to bring up by herself. Without any money saved she had to find a way to feed and clothe her children and keep a house  going. Yes there were many nights that she cried from exhaustion, fear, worry and loneliness but no one heard her.
Everyday she woke up to try again because she had no choice. Her children needed her and so she faced her challenges with determination and  hard work. She  fed them hot porridge  for breakfast and made sure that they were clean  as she gave them a packed lunch to take to school.  Then she rushed out to clean other people's houses until they came home again.  She made them supper, helped them with their homework and sent them up to bed after their bath in a wash basin of warm water that she had boiled in the kettle on the wood stove. When the house quietened down, she went up into her own room and sat at her sewing machine, mending clothes for  other people to earn enough money to pay the bills.
 So what do you think that this woman would tell you if you went to her asking how she had managed to live through her hard times.
I imagine she would have said something similar to what my mother would have said,"take the bull by the horns and push yourself because when there is a will, there is always a way."
There’s scarcely any happiness, passion or success without struggle.  Life is a constant climb, but the journey is rewarding and the view is great.  It’s just a matter of pushing forward when the going gets tough.     Marc and Angel Hack Life
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