Monday, November 3, 2008

My Third Blog from the Inn

Good morning everyone! Well a new week begins and I am sure that it will be a busy one again. Halloween was great. I had about 80 people stop by and told my Willamena stories. This year she came back as a cat, which I had made along with all my other creatures. The living room was full of goblins. But the best part of it was that my daughter came home to surprise me, all the way from Montreal which is a 14 hour bus ride. I was so happy and even though it was only for a day, it made me realize how lucky I am. She is a smart young woman with so many qualities and I always say she was my gift in this life for which I am forever grateful. At 20 years old she is studying Professional Theater and will graduate this year.
Yesterday I made my first sales on Etsy. The first one was my sister who tried to encourage me by buying a pin and my Snowman story. She said they would make nice Christmas presents. Then in the afternoon a lady from New York sent me a message asking about my dolls..... well before I went to bed, she had bought two. I was so happy and even missed a bit of Desperate Housewives, which is the only show I really have to watch. I called my daughter and told her and she was happy for me as well, but said Mom you are going to find it so hard to part with them. And that is so true. I love my little dolls and I make each one special, trying new colours for their hair or new designs and colours of material for their dresses. They end up looking like little people, full of life and so huggable. So today I am a bit encouraged and will try and find time at the end of my workday here at the office to organize myself a liitle bit more. My partner finds my work space so small and does not know how I can work in such a small space, but I assured him that I know where everything is and it is okay for now. But someday I plan on doing this full time and then I will maybe add a bigger space. I have to make a few more snowdrop snowmen as well this week as I have a show to do in two weeks.

Okay well that is it for now.. remember my focus is to work full time by October 24, 2009 and this blog will keep you up to date on my progress. I added a new doll last night to my shop and will be adding more tonight.. see you there,

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