Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Second Blog from the Inn

Hello again everyone. Well it is a really busy time for me today. I am getting ready for a board meeting here at work and have all the financial stuff to get ready to give my directors. Also at home I am getting ready for Halloween tomorrow night. Last night I set up some very strange characters in my living room to greet the trick or treaters when they come. I will serve them witches brew and pumpkin shaped cookies with their treat bag. Tonight after my meeting I will go home and make my costume. Not sure what I will be yet but I have some really nice red and yellow satiny material so I imagine I will be some sort of gypsy!!!!

I have also found a bit of time to follow the Etsy forums.... there is so much to learn. Also I have linked up to a group of bloggers which I hope will help me become more visible. Then at lunch time I found a fellow blogger on Etsy who is my first follower.. yes!!! I intend to sign up to other blogs and make some connections because I am slowly learning that to get to my goal of earning a living online, I am going to have connect to that big outside world and hope that they take an interest in me. But I am very positive that I will get to where I am going... remember October 24, 2009 full time occupation selling online!!!

In the meantime, please take a few minutes and visit my little shop on Etsy Hope that you enjoy my snowdrops!
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