Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at the Inn

Well its Saturday and the day is just passing by so fast ! I want to do so much yet not seening to get much done. It is raining out so a good excuse to stay inside. I went shopping yesterday for fabric and of course spent more money than I should have, but my thinking is, well you never know when I will get back again, so I had better get it when I have the chance. I think I take that way of thinking from my mother who was always stocking up on stuff. We used to laugh at her and say that she could open a store with all that she had ahead. She is in heaven now, but I still miss her so much, she was my best friend .. ahh such is life. I guess we should all savour the precious moments that we have with family, yet we put it off because of our own struggles.

This is the reason that I want to find another way of living, so that I can have time to do the little things and spend time with those that I love. I have lost some good people in my life and I cannot go back, but I can change how I live the days to come.

Okay here is another doll that I just listed, she is a little prim and a whole lot cute and she is now on my Etsy site. Okay well I have to get some crafting done...
Enjoy your day, make someone smile if only for a moment.. you will see it will do you good as well.
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