Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day for an Angel

Good morning everyone,

Well another day in which to excell! I used to work for a man who would greet us every morning with that line. I never forgot it because I figured if we were to think like that starting out in the morning, just imagine where our thoughts could take us and how much we could get done.

We all need a little motivation in our daily lives. As time goes on we seem to no longer have time to stop and think. We rush through our days almost on auto-pilot, running and trying so hard to get as much done as we possibly can so that we will be further ahead tomorow because we have so much to do then as well. Gone are the days when we used to sit and look out the window and wish for something to do or somewhere to go. With computers and all the new technology that has now become a normal part of our lives, we no longer have those quiet moments to think and withdraw from life for a little while. The only time we get off track from that type of pattern is when something happens and usually it is not a good thing. Sickness, job loss, accidents make us stop and you know what, I think that sometimes it is a sign that life gives us to say slow down, stop and look around,look at the way you are living, is this what you really want, is this how you really want to live? Hummn... I think we should all practice spending a few minutes each day thinking about things other than all that we have to do. We shouldn't wait until life does it for us.

I just listed this little angel on Etsy that I made, maybe she is trying to give me a message this morning. Yes, I must take a few minutes today to think about life but for right now I have to hurry and get ready for work.... I am going to be late!
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