Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wishing Your Life Away

The wishing well in my yard... full of dreams and wishes that have yet to be realised.
 Another rainy night here at the Inn. It is really raining out there and I am thankful to be safe and warm here inside. The wood stove is burning and I hear the rain outside. I also will be knitting for awhile before going to bed with a book. Life is good!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is really important in life. We make so many wishes throughout our life, in fact from the time we are small children, we learn the practice of wishing for this or that, or for  a special day to arrive; like a birthday or Christmas. My Mom used to tell me not to wish my life away, for each day was important.  Yet I still wish for things at this point in my life... lets just say I have reached that wonderful phase in life called mid-life. Hurrah I made it to here and I am still standing and I am still wishing.

I still have big dreams and am determined to turn them into reality. The one benefit of getting older is knowing that there is only so much time left and that we do have an expirary date. It makes everything we do much more important. We learn to simplify and get rid of the drama in our lives so that we can concentrate on what we really want.  Getting older does not mean  that we should let go of our dreams, it means we should use our experiences and  hard earned wisdom to take us towards what  fills our imagination.   We must find the courage to face our dreams and take one small step towards making it happen.  After the first step, take the second and then keep on going.  Practice  going towards it, fill your head with the possibilities of realizing it and what it will feel like turing that burning desire into a reality.  Write it down and make a list of what you have to do to make it real.  

I have several dreams left in me, several that I keep hidden just for me. The one that I will share with you  is to build my own greenhouse next summer. A real greenhouse, that will be heated and will provide me with fresh food in spring, summer and fall.  I need a root cellar to go with it. You can check out  one of my favourite books that is on my wish list about growing vegetables. It is about a winter harvest but that would be a little extreme here in the  Gaspe.

 Go ahead,  go after your dream and let me know what it is as I would love to hear from you.
 Those who have achieved their dreams know that life is about willpower and persistence. It’s about hanging on to hope when your heart has had enough, and giving even more when your mind and body want to give up. Yes, each step may get harder but it will be well worth enduring the journey to get there.
The next chapter of Annie Wright will be ready tomorrow night so be sure to come back and catch up on her story.
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