Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Thoughts

 A Sunday morning service from the past, in fact it is a wedding.
Good morning, here it is another Sunday morning  at the Inn. It's definitely getting colder up here in the Gaspe. It will take more wood to keep the place warm. I must go and fill up the woodbox and finishing digging up the garden. I expect snow at anytime now and this week will force me to buy my winter tires and my winter boots.

A  few words of wisdom for today as it is a Sunday morning and always a time for reflection.....
    Do you know that  whatever trouble or hurting that you are going through right now has a purpose in your life. Pain doesn’t just show up for no reason. It’s a sign that something in your life needs to change. At times it can seem to take over your life and consume your thoughts with heavy darkness but it is a necessary part of existance, because just like the butterfly you are goinging to change for the better and turn into that person you know deep down that you are supposed to be. But this change takes strength and remember, it’s not that those who are strong never get weak in the knees, or that they never gasp for a breath. It’s that while their knees are shaking,  their heart is beating,  their body is weak,  that they force themselves to breathe and to take another step forward. It is what we all must do.... take that next step forward, open that door and face the fear, for you will find your way through the darkness. If you are looking to read a good book on the subject, read The Road Less Traveled .

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