Sunday, October 14, 2012

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If you have been reading this blog, you know that I have been telling the story of Annie Wright. Her daughter found an old handwritten  book in her belongings after she died. She has travelled to the Inn to find out  more about the woman that  she knew only as her mother.

Who was Annie Wright Part Five

I remember that he got up from the table after his lunch and walked towards the door. I immediately felt  a sense of loss and for whatever reason I asked him to stay and help me wash the dishes. He looked at me with a slight smile and said, " How rude of me to just walk off like this, what was I thinking." He told me later that as he had walked  away from the table, he had tried to find a reason to stay as well.

Lunch turned into an afternoon walk and into a late supper. The evening passed and  we both fought an overwhelming sense of loss at the thought of being seperated. I had never been a bold person but for the first time in my life , I wanted something  that went against what my father allowed. I wanted him to stay, I wanted him to keep talking, I wanted to feel something that had made me tremble for the first time. As if God had heard  my silent prayers, it started to rain and with it came  gusts of wind that shook the  rafters of  my parent's old house.  Once again, I bravely told him that he could not leave on such a night for it would be too dangerous. His  eyes grew darker and my heart beat faster.  He said he would sleep on the couch, I said yes and went to find him a blamket upstairs in the linen closet. I remember going into my room and looking at myself in the mirror.  For several minutes I argued with my sensible side and forced myself to remember who I was and to think seriously about what I was doing.    I was a young woman of twenty years old which should have made me   a more responsable person. My parents had left on another business trip and would have never expected their daughter to allow a stranger into the house; let alone sleep in it as well.

As much as I tried to reason with myself, I put a smile on my face,  fixed my hair and went back downstairs to see him stretched out on the couch, lost in his thoughts.  As soon as he saw me, he got up and walked towards me. I handed him the blanket and he placed it on the couch. He touched my face and looked into my eyes, searching for any sign that would  allow him to wrap his arms around me. I  took a step forward and found myself  caught up in  what would become the happiest time in my life and the most painful to forget.  

That's it for now.... I will write several entries this week, so be sure to come back and follow along.

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