Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Morning at the Inn

Good morning everyone, hope that you ar eenjoying your Sunday. For many of you, it is a day off work, yet you have a hundred things to do. I understand.. really I do!  Life is like that, so much to do and so little time. We run and rush and try and do and then we start all over again the next day. Not much we can do except try and take a serious look at our lives to simplify it.  Seems simple doesn't it and it is easy to say but how do you really go about it. Well we can't expect to  change things with just a thought, it does take time and effort but  I am certain it can be done. For today, why not try throwing out one thing that you have no use for, something that you have not used for a year... do you really need it... come on now, be honest.  Give it away if you think that it still has some use and do not go and buy anther next week. Lighten your load... it is a start....

Okay now let's get back to our story about Annie Wright.  To follow this story, please subscribe to this blog and add it to your favourites. Join me at the Inn whenever you like, it is a place to come home to... you are always welcome here. Until next time, have a great day and spread a little kindness!

Who was Annie Wright Part Four

He was about to knock on the door when I said hello. Turing around I came face to face with a man that would change my life forever.................

He smiled and said, " I am looking for a lady called Annie Wright. Would you happen to know her?"
Feeling like I should have worn  something decent when I got dressed this morning, instead of  my faded blue jeans and Daddy's old white shirt, I answered, "I am Annie Wright."

" Well then I have a parcel just for you and I am going to have to ask you to sign for it because it is a special delivery."

I had  been waiting for this to arrive for weeks and the excitment must have shown on my face, for he smiled again when I looked up to thank him." You seem to be a happy young lady.  I take it that you are going to make good use out of it.  Have you ever owned one before? Do you know how it works? Would you like me to make sure that it is in working order, it is a free service upon delivery?"

He followed me into the house and together we  carefully opened the box. There inside was my shiny new typewriter , an Underwood de LuxeI had saved for two years to buy it and now I finally was able to touch it. I would be able to write my stories.
"Here let me lift it out of the box for you. Where would you like to set it up?"

 Feeling a little uncomfortable, I led him to my bedroom where I had a small desk. After he plugged it in and added a sheet of paper, he told me to sit down and start typing. The black letters appeared on the paper and I was lost in my excitment of seeing the reality of a dream being fulfilled. He never said a word as I typed my name over and over again.

I came to my senses and asked him to forgive me for being rude. To make up for it, I offer him a glass of lemonade that I had made the day before, when  Maggie, my best friend, came to visit. He accepted and sat at the kitchen table. When I seen  that it was lunch time, I offered him a sandwich.   Maybe I shouldn't have, maybe I should have seen him to the door and simply thanked him and he would have left. But no, I offered him lunch and in return I changed the course of my life. As I write this, I still remember his eyes, his smile, his hands.  I remember his laugh and his easy nature. I miss him still after all these years. For this reason, I have no regrets. For that short amount of time, I lived life to the fullest. I did not know what was to come, what road life would take, I was innocent.

 Be sure to come  back and read the next installment... see you then.

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