Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who was Annie Wright ?

Welcome to the Inn and let me tell you a story....

Who was Annie Wright?

The conducter tapped her on the shoulder and she woke up to hear him say that Irishtown was the next stop in ten minutes. Bess looked around and saw  several other passengers were still asleep, while other were looking out the windows, lost in their thoughts.

 She  picked up  the book she had been reading and put it in her small overnight bag. Checking her purse to make sure she had not lost her wallet she made  her way to the front of the train where the conducter was standing.

She felt the engine slow down and held on to the last seat near the exit to keep her balance. The door opened  and she stepped off  and made her way to a small building that must have been the train station.    The door was locked  and she found herself  alone in a strange environment.   Now what was she supposed to do at 6 a.m in a little town in the middle of nowhere. What had she been thinking when she made a reservation at an Inn in a town that looked as if no one lived here. Fear began to fill her tired body and she thought she was going to faint.  Looking around she seen a young man walking towards her. " You must be Annie Wright?  I'm Thomas and  Mrs. Lawler asked me to pick you up and take you to the Inn. She is waiting for you and asked me to tell you that breakfast is ready and there's a  wood fire burning in the fireplace.

 Bess gratefully accepted his offer, despite the little voice in her head that  reminded her of her mother's  words of wisdom that always told her to beware of strangers.  At this point she had to go against her better judgement and she followed him to his truck.

 Within minutes he stopped his vechicle in front of a big old house  surrounded by the most beautiful gardens she had ever seen.  Thomas picked up her small bag and  asked her to follow him.  A large sign stood proudly on the front lawn  with the words Maggies Raggedy Inn carefully carved into the massive wooden piece of lumber. Bess recognised the name and all her thoughts of fear disappeared.  She was finally here and although  she did not know what to expect she was hoping that on the other side of the glass  door she would meet a woman who had known her mother. She hoped that Mrs. Lawler would be able to answer her many question and help help her understand the woman that had given her birth.

 As Thomas opened the door, she was greeted by  a friendly face and the smell of  a far off memory of a place she had called home.

This will be a continuing story which I will tell through this blog. I will write several entries a week so be sure to come back as I tell you a story of  Bess whose mother has just died. As she cleans out her mother's house and sorts through her   things, she finds a handwritten book that her mother wrote, which  leaves her to wonder if she  really knew the woman called Annie Wright.

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