Monday, June 3, 2013

I am writing from a Place called the Gaspe Coast

 I  am working today from home and just happened to find this old  footage of life on the Gaspe Coast on a You tube clip. The music and footage are so familiar  and it reflects the heritage of who we are as Gaspesians. Watching this makes me feel like I belong to this special place.   The Coast is a unique place with an interesting mix of cultures that made the penisula what it is today.  Its history tells a story of people of Irish, Scottish, English, Jersey, Acadian, French, and the Native Mik'Maq people who were determined to turn the land into a place that they could call home. Their lives were filed with struggles, yet I cannot help but admire their determination to  survive and thrive under what must have been harsh conditions.  Yes I am proud to be a Gaspesian.
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