Monday, July 5, 2010

I got Nothing Done Today

Today was a busy day and  I seemed to not get really anything done. I went to the office to find that there were several issues that needed fixin and since I am boss, I had no choice but to deal with them. Then the carpenter for my sister's house came to see me to tell me that the 12 new windows that she ordered  to renovate the old house did not fit. Since she lives away in the city, I had to deal with it by going to the house and seeing for myself that a big costly mistake had been made. So I had to follow up and fight with the supplier to re-order them.  \Hopefully it will work out.

Then I came home to find a sick cat who I hope will be alright. Then my sister called to say that my sick brother had not eaten at all today and was losing the use of his legs. He is only 62 years old and  has a form of Alzeimers which is slowly taking over all his mental and physical abilities. Rough stuff and all we can do is watch him slowly turn into a little old man tied to a bed. If only God would take him to heaven but that is not how life works.  Then my daughter calls and tells me a horror story  about the day camp  where she works.  A man got in and threatened her and called her all those names that send chills up your spine. He was a very sick disturbed man in his fifties and was filled with hate and anger. My daughter stood   between him and the little kids to protect them and slowly got them all out of his path.  She says everyone on  the campus  was aware that a disturbed person was on the loose and it was her that he tried to attack. My daughter said she remained calm and was grateful it was not any of the other student councillors who might have panicke and made the situation worst.  Okay so I am very thankful that everyone is safe but it certainly leaves me feeling sick and worried for my kid.  Dear Lord, please keep her safe out there amongst all the sick and deranged people. 

Then my sister call me and tells me that my ex partner is acting very strange. Her husband saw him today and said hello and he turned cold, gruntle and walked away with rage in his eyes.  He is filled with cold hatred  and at 47 has just got his ear pierced and now is travelling with a motor cycle crowd. WHAT? He just lost his young son to cancer  a few months agao and so I know he is suffering but he was such a kind and gentle man with a good head on his shoulders. He was respectable, hard working and considerate... I mean I loved him unbelievably until he began to side track and left me for someone else. I suffered through it  and forgave him but from never spoke to him again because of his choice. I always wished him well because that is what love is all about. To think of him as a cold hearted, miserable, turned away from society hateful man has left me very disturbed.

  No I did not get anything that I wanted done today, but I guess there are days like that and I will go to bed grateful for the goodness that I do have in my life and pray that the world will keep all those that I know, and love safe.|Time to pick up my knitting needles and retreat into the calming world of creativity.  Tomorrow will be another day.........
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