Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Never Enough Time

Another long weekend is over and a new week begins tomorrow morning. In fact the summer season begins as seasonal employees are back to work to get the tourist season in order.  The rush will start and it will  be an intense couple of months. How will I find the time to knit and make my little cats and mice to fill my Etsy shop. There is just never enough time to do the necessary things that it takes to run a house, let alone try and take some time to exercise, do some volunteer work, be there for family. The few minutes that I will find to create back here in my little craft room will be precious and I will enjoy this quiet time alone. 

I tried to explain it to my partner that it is a very necessary part of my life. To have to live without creating would not be really living, as crazy as that may sound. To not be able to use my imagination and play with colours and create would leave me empty. Therefore I will have to devise a plan to to get the housework done,  do my best at work despite the hectic pace and responsibility, eat well, exercise look after my animals,  look after my flowers and keep the lawn cut, breathe and find my time each day to do something that gives me complete joy.   Life is about finding these little bits of joy, where we are at peace with ourselves. No one else can make you happy.. you have to find it and fill up on it to be able to give out the best of yourself and in turn life will bring you  the good stuff of life. Well back to my knitting .. another pair of slippers to finish . that I can start a new pair!

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