Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slippers made to make you feel good

I recently learned how to knit and felt wool and I am now addicted. At first I was buying wool from my local craft shop (I will definitely buy from her again because she is such a nice person) but I have found an online place that has the most beautiful selection of colours and blends. I know it is bad for my knitting addiction but what is a girl to do?

Now that fall is here and I have starting lighting my wood stove, well I am busy busy busy knitting and using all the many different colours together. What fun!

I found a pattern for slippers and have made some minor changes to the pattern because it is important to be creative as well in this line of work!!! This is a few of the many pairs that I have knit. They are so thick and cozy and I know that they will last a long time because the fibres are matted tightly together after their hot water washing.
I plan on knitting other things as well but I will tell you about that on another day. You can find my items on my Etsy shop at
Hope that life will bring you many creative pursuits,
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