Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Blog from the Inn

Hello from Maggie's Raggedy Inn

Well I am new to this blogging business but I guess I will give it a try. I have recently opened a little shop on Etsy, which for any of you who do not know about it, is a really interesting place for crafters and those who like things made by hand. Its seems that a lot of people like making crafts which is great cause I am not alone!!!!

Since I have been a child I have always wanted to make things, like purses, dolls, paintings etc etc and of course then I grew up and unfortunately still wanted to make things like purses, dolls and paintings. But the adult world set in and I got married and had a child and worked to pay bills and dealt with family issues and did volunteer work etc etc etc... but I still wanted to make things but had no time. But here I am at 52 and you know what, I still want to make things and this time I am going to do it and through this blog you will get to follow me along on my journey to making crafts for once and for all.. doing what I always wanted to do......

Well not right now, cause I am at work and have to get some reports out.. but just wait until I get home.. well not right away cause I will get supper and then I have to make Halloween decorations cause it is almost here and I have a big black cat to make as well as other ghosts and goblins. I will post pictures for you all to see in a few days...

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