Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Sunday Night at the Inn

Well  what can I say but that I am so sorry for not writing lately. Life has been giving me a few challenges to deal with and I seem to be living within a story that seems impossible to believe, yet it is my life.

What is my story you may ask, well I will not reveal it at this point for I am still feeling the emotions that go with loss and I do not really understand it all, so I will keep it undercover while I nurse my little self back to strength.  Getting back on your feet gets harder as you get older believe me but that's okay as my goal is to live until I am 95 so I have  lots of time ahead of me.

Sometimes I think I have been given these many roadblocks in life, so that I could better understand the characters in my stories. I had to experience the pain, fear, loss and find the courage to start again. I thank God every day for my strength and I know that it came from watcing my parents go through their life.   Mommy may have been pregnant with me when this picture was taken for I  am the  next in line and not in the picture.

 Mom was an amazing woman as she never gave up despite her  many twist and turns.  She used to say " grab the bull by the horns and keep moving",when the going got tough Well that is exactly what I am doing.... anyway enough about me, lets get back to Annie's  hand written story.

  My father owned the town`s only grocery store and everyday he got dressed up and went to work with pride. He worked hard and I think he made a good living. He was well respected and seemed to be admired by everyone in town. Mother listened to everything he said and whether she agreed with him or not, she did what she was told. See  he was strict and expected everyone to live by his set of rules. My two older sisters were married  by seventeen and I sometimes think that they did so, to get out of the house and away from his rules.  They married young men from town who they had grown up with and who came from ``good families`` as  Father always told everyone. Brenda married the banker`s son and Janet married the son of  Thomas Brady who owned the sawmill. Both girls ended up with beautiful homes and made their father proud  as well as profitable business partners.

As for me, well I was well on my way to marrying Bobby Moore, son of Mr. Moore who owned the hardware store.  I admit he was tall, dark and handsome, well on his way to being rich, for he worked for his father. He already had his own home and was very in love with me. Between my mother and his, the wedding plans were already in the process of being organised. It was to be a big summer wedding with everyone in town invited. My dress was ordered  and Mother was making the final decisions for the invitations and stationary. I thought a pale  green would be nice but Mother said that it had to be blue. I agreed because I had no choice in any of the arrangements. The wedding would be held at the town hall  and no expenses were to be spared according to my father. This was another way to make him look good and appearances meant everything.  I was not allowed to cut my hair until after the wedding so that it would be long enough for a tied up  look. Mother had found a picture at the beauty shop on  one of her trips there and she brought it home and stuck it  above Father`s desk to get his approval.  

I went along with it all because I did not seem to have a choice.  Before finishing high school, I had told my mother that I wanted to go to college and become a librarian.  I will never forget the look on her face. It was as if I had said that I wanted  to become a street walker. She  shook her head and left the room without saying a word. That night at the supper table, my father made it clear that his daughters would make their life in this town for it had everything they needed. All I had to do was settle down, get married and bring up his grandchildren. There was no need to look elsewhere  for anything.  


 Well that is it for tonight, hope you enjoyed it.  I will really try and enter two more post this week.  Hope you have a great week ahead, remember to spread some kindness, the world needs it  more than ever. Please look after our animals friends as well for we share the earth with them.
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