Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mary Magdalene's Reputation

 Who was Mary Magdalene?   Well I think she is one of the best examples of how a woman can be misjudged.   I do not know of any other person in history who has been as controverial or as mysterious as this woman.  What exactly was her relationship with Jesus and why was she made out to be a prostitute in the history of the church.   We know that she was a  devout follower of Jesus and followed him to the very end, and was the first to witness his resurrection.

 Throughout history she has been labeled such things as a prostitute, Jesus’ wife, apostle and writer of the Gnostic Gospel of Mary. Although her name has been cleared of the prostitution label, the mysterious life of Mary Magdalene is still heavily studied and strongly debated, especially in recent times.

After Jesus’ death,  she was believed to have been his favorite  apostle. She was asked to reveal secret teachings given to her by Jesus. After her revelations, which are found in the Gnostic Gospel of Mary, she had a disagreement with Peter about the teachings. I am sure that this did not go over well with the boys and they  had to discredit her for she may have  known more than she should and had become a threat. Therefore they had to destroy her reputation and they did a good job for it is only in recent history that the truth about her is slowly being pieced together.

Where Mary went and what she did after she left the apostles is still  debatable.  Some studies show that  Mary was pregnant with Jesus’ child and went to France, where her descendants eventually founded the Merovingian line of kings, made famous recently by the Da Vinci.

I am not sure we will ever know the real truth but she is definitely an interesting woman and I believe that we can learn a lot from her life. History does repeat itself just look around  and I am sure that you will find your own example of  such a woman.....

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