Friday, June 29, 2012

Angela's Wedding


Angela had planned her special day for July 23. It was supposed to be a dream wedding with 175 people invited.  It was going to be a beautiful day and she looked forward to seeing it all unfold.  She had splurged on her wedding dress and on all the details. He had let her make all the arrangements and he seemed to be as anxious as she was for their new life to begin. She had met Steve more than a year  ago and had fallen in love with him within weeks of  his arrival in town. He was good looking, kind,  and seemed to adore her.

As she waited for the train to arrive, she went over the series of events that destroyed her dreams. The morning of her wedding,  an arrangement of  beautiful white roses were delivered to her mother's house. She carried them up to her room and  knew without a doubt that they were from Steve. Her heart swelled with more love and happiness than she had ever felt in her life. Opening the card she read the words.....
My dearest Angela,
You know I love you and always will for you have brought me more happiness than I have ever known.    Therefore it is with much regret and a heavy heart, that I am writing this letter to you, knowing that you will read it on the morning of what you think is your wedding day.
I  will not be waiting for you in the church today. I am sorry to have to hurt you so deeply for I know that you love me. Do not worry, you will meet someone else some day. A woman like you  will have no trouble capturing another man's heart. It is my loss. 
Do not search for me for I left last night. I have my reasons for doing this. Do not waste your time questioning my decision. Do not waste your time searching for me, for you will never see me again.  
Move on with your life Angela, from this moment on, I must only be a faded memory.

She heard the train stopping, picked up her luggage and walked away from the only life she knew.  Despite the protests of her family and friends, she knew she had to leave and start again. All she asked for was the strength to start again and to find a simple life. She was on her own and would always be..................

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