Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wool Barn Cat

 Just finished another knitted barn cat. It is funny how these little guys seem to become so real after I finish them.  This little fellow was knit from a beautiful wool that I had bought on a trip to Halifax and I just knew that it would knit up into a  cuddly little "Barn Cat"

This is Baby Cat who decided to check out my new order of books that I got from Amazon. Looks like he found them boring but I know he loves the box!!!!

Also wanted to let you know that the two stray cats that I had found in the month of January are doing fine.  I had them both operated on and so there will be no more babies.  We have grown to love them and our family now consists of 4 cats and one little Rosie dog who we had  saved from being put to sleep.  The thing is I live in a little house and these critters mean that we had to buy a new vacuum cleaner that is much more efficient. It also means that we do much more laundry and the food bill has went up. The litter box is a three times a day chore and although they go in and out through out the day when we are home, we make sure that they are in at night. Yes they have found a good home and yes they are a lot of work....... but they have brought us many reasons to smile and enjoy the little things in life.  Nothing makes me happier than to go  outside have have them all follow me around the yard.

 Life is simple! Okay back to my knitting...... who knows what this one will look like!!!

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